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For telecoms operators, data centres & law enforcement agencies

A6 Labs delivers a cost-effective and power-efficient solution to working in Terabit network environments with minimal physical intrusion.

How can A6 NetVision support your organisation?

Telecoms operators

A6 technology provides telco companies with a single solution that allows them to achieve regulatory compliance whilst minimising both physical intrusion and cost.

Data centres

With the capability to provide accurate knowledge of what is happening within a network, the A6 NetVision enables operators to maximise data centre efficiency with confidence.

Law enforcement

We are experienced in building technologies that can navigate the complexities of achieving lawful interception. A6 NetReach delivers this capability at a realistic price point.

The A6 NetVision brings together Cloud storage with programmable network ASIC, field programmable gate array (FPGA) and CPU technology into a single solution. It addresses the problem with two products: A6 NetReach, which resolves the data generation issue, and A6 NetStore, which solves the data storage and query problem.

Processes internal traffic at Terabit speeds

A combination of 2x400Gb/s ports and 16 or 32 1-100Gb/s ports provide ample front-end connectivity to adapt to almost any environment. Behind this is programmable processing, with 1Tb/s of data throughput.

Minimal physical and power footprint

Power and space are important when deploying to many data centres and switch rooms. A6 NetReach has a 2U footprint and a 2.5kW maximum power consumption.

Designed to be deployed in an untrusted environment

A6 NetReach can be remotely and securely provisioned through a Cloud-based management platform, simplifying the management task.

Fully programmable

A6 NetReach can adapt to changing network environments and developing missions.


Using P4, FPGA and x86 technologies, a solution for DDoS protection can be reconfigured to perform an ICR compliance mission. This can be done remotely through the management platform with minimal downtime.

Cost-effective data storage

Running a typical NetFlow task, the A6 NetReach can generate 20Gb/s worth of records or 216 Terabytes per day. A6 NetStore is designed to enable the storage and querying of this data in a cost-effective way.

Local/Cloud hosting options

The data can be hosted locally or in Cloud storage as required. Cloud hosting adds flexibility. It allows storage to grow with the mission and reduces up-front costs.

Consolidated query interface

Many stores, both Cloud-based and locally hosted, can be queried through a single gateway, removing the challenges of query coordination across multiple instances and sites.

Record compression, consolidation & reformatting

A flexible ingest pipeline, allows records from existing data generation products to be consumed (e.g. existing NetFlow from routers). The pipeline can be configured to deduplicate and intelligently consolidate records when multiple data sources are being used. Records can be compressed reducing storage requirements by 50%+ with little to no impact on query time.

Authentication, authorisation & accounting (AAA)

The query pipeline facilitates the implementation of AAA. User queries (or machine-to-machine queries) can have access policies applied with integration into existing access control mechanisms (e.g. LDAP). Full access logs are stored and available for audit.

Records enrichment

Both the ingest and query pipelines can be tasked to enrich records with external data sources as required (e.g. adding geographic data to IP addresses or customer data to records).

About us

A6 Labs is a UK start-up developing network data applications for the telecoms operator, data centre and law enforcement markets. The company brings together experts with backgrounds in government and commercial sectors. The team leverages a fusion of cutting-edge technologies to deliver step-change in data processing speeds at a competitive price point.


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